Nicki Bluhm

“I’m rediscovering my authentic self and that feels really good. ”

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Animal Years “Let Go Of Your Head” LIVE

“We love being out making new friends, fans and experiences everywhere we end up! ”

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Musician Tristan Eckerson

“Just the image of a beautiful piano in a perfect recital hall is inspirational to me on a regular basis.”

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"Something in Between"
The video is an artistic interpretation of the relationship between humans and nature. Plastic invades rivers, seas, and oceans corrupting Earth, and we, as humans, are a part of it. The inspiration for this video came to us along the banks of the river Arno (Tuscany) where a railway runs. After Autumn and Spring showers the river swells covering the many alluvial islands. When the water recedes the spectacle from the train is horrendous, yet visually beautiful: thousands of white and colored plastic bags are stretched and tangled on the branches of the trees. Twisted deadly plastic ghosts. An infinite number of plastic bottle and containers litter the banks of the river, ready to end their journey in the sea. 

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Joel Taylor, "Give Myself Away," directed by actress Courteney Cox.

Inspiring Places - “The Piano bar in Hollywood. It doesn’t exist anymore - but a lot of crazy nights, and amazing music came out of that little bar in LA.“

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Vevo Announces The Release Of Rita Ora's Live Performance Of "Let You Love Me."

Born in Pristina, Kosovo but raised in London, Rita Ora made her first official appearance in 2007 when she guested on Craig David's single "Awkward." In 2009, Ora signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation and hit 2012's #1 spot with her debut solo single "R.I.P." Later that year, she released her debut album, simply titled "Ora", which went straight to #1 on the UK album charts. Following a collaboration with Charlie XCX, Cardi B, and Bebe Rexha on "Girls," Ora released her sophomore album Phoenix, featuring the single "Let You Love Me" in November of 2018. The "bittersweet club anthem" (Idolator), "Let You Love Me" broke British chart history for the most Top 10 singles by a British female artist. Catch Rita Ora live throughout 2019 on her world tour, and keep up with exclusive content from artists all over the world at

Galaxies happened on a rainy moody day in Berlin, my friend Harry Charles & I wrote this song while lying on the carpet of my room. Space had become such a theme in my life & music, not in a scientific way but more in a metaphorical sense; drawing parallels between a planet in the expansive universe & the way that one's tiny & seemingly insignificant existence interacts with the world. This song is about being nothing & everything. Abut being overwhelmed by the weight of existence while simultaneously being in awe & wonder of it all. 'Galaxies' came to life the first time we played in the Planetarium in Berlin; we've played 13 shows there now & every time I see the visuals come to life & the audience being swept away by the combination of the song with the projections of flying through the galaxies, the song makes so much sense”. Alice Phoebe Lou

Billie Eilish's Vevo LIFT Session

Watch these, very intimate and real, live performances of her latest material taped in Brooklyn.

Vevo announced Billie as one of their LIFT artists this year. This VEVO artist development program partners with up-and-comers, provides creative teams, tools, and produces unique content. Past alumni include Lorde, Khalid, Alessia Cara, Lil Xan and more.